For us our cats are the most important thing. We love every single one and raise them with the utmost care. We invest endless time and love in our cattery and of course want only the very best home.
Therefore, we would like every new family to introduce themselves in as much detail as possible and tell us a lot about their lives. We are always happy to receive pictures so that we can see how and where our cats will live later.

It is very important for us to say at this point, please think carefully beforehand if you are ready to buy a cat. Discuss this beforehand with her family, clarify possible allergies and be aware of this new responsibility.
We are happy to assist you, always available with advice and support, but it is a decision for life.

Waiting list

  • Here you can reserve a guaranteed place for one or two kittens
  • A fee of 200,-€ per kitten will be paid, which will later be completely offset against the purchase price
  • You can choose between pet (castration) or for breeding / show (of course only if suitable) - Attention: The necessary documents must be available
  • The deposit is non-refundable in case of withdrawal and is unlimited in time
  • At least 5 colors must be specified
  • If you are quite open to colors - all the better
  • You are welcome to specify your gender preference

Via our Instagram account and the daily story you are always up to date and see every litter. We write to the families in time to tell you that it is time and we have a suitable kitten for them. We make a firm reservation between the 4th and 6th week at the latest.

What else is important to know

  • Wenn wir Ihnen schreiben, antworten Sie bitte. Hier geht es nicht nur um Höflichkeit, sondern auch um unsere Zeit und vor allem darum, dass andere Familien warten uns sich sehnsüchtig ein Kätzchen wünschen
  • So if you are no longer interested, just tell us. If we do not hear from you within a week, we prefer another family
  • If there is no response within two weeks, the place on the waiting list will be forfeited

Thank you for your understanding.

Other important notes

  • Please consider beforehand how your kitten will come to you. It is always possible to pick up the kitten from us personally or have it brought by a transport company by car or plane
  • We contact each family with a suitable kitten a maximum of three times, if it is rejected each time, the deposit and the place on the waiting list will be forfeited.

This is still close to my heart

Our cats are our family and we love them all very much.
We invest a lot of time so that all kittens become great and characterful animals, which can then live happily with you.
Please always remember.