Grow up naturally - live healthy.


Mind and body health is particularly important in a breed like the British Shorthair.
Daher lege ich in meiner Zucht großen Wert darauf, dass wir diese Gesundheit erhalten.
For this reason, I only breed with temperamentally stable, friendly cats that are in excellent health. When choosing a tomcat, I pay particular attention to the fact that it is a confident, well-balanced, friendly tomcat who is in excellent health and anatomically complements my cat.

I breed family cats and I would like to create the best conditions for your kitten to become a well-balanced family kitten with a stable character and that also corresponds to the breed standard through a conscientious selection of the tomcat and loving, serious rearing.


Right from the start, my kittens grow up with close proximity to people - the whelping box is near my living room and the kittens spend their rearing time in the direct family environment. This means that they get to know the most diverse noises and stimuli of everyday life from an early age (vacuum cleaner, radio, clattering plates, doorbell, visitors, hair dryer, etc.). When the kittens are older, they have their own kitten room next to my living room. There they will find plenty of space to romp and explore, but also time and space to rest and grow up.

My kittens grow up with a lot of social contacts - a mother cat that accompanies them to their last day, older cats that they can already use for orientation and two-legged visitors are also welcome here.

My cats and therefore also my kittens receive the most natural form of nutrition for cats, namely fresh, self-prepared BARF, consisting of high-quality fresh meat. Healthy nutrition is a particularly important pillar in rearing, as it also determines good and healthy development and helps my cats and especially my kittens to grow up naturally and live a healthy life. Detailed information on this form of nutrition can be found under the menu item BARF.

Regular visits to the veterinarian are also part of a healthy life. The small veterinarian practice "am Wasserturm" in Eberswalde enjoys our complete trust.
I have all my examinations done there and new arrivals are immediately genetically tested for PKD and checked for FIV/FeLV by blood tests. With the certified cardiologist Robert Höpfner in Berlin and his colleague Rüdiger Freistedt in Wandlitz we scan our animals HCM and PKD.

Even after the kittens have been handed over, I would like to remain your contact person and I look forward to lively contact!